MATLAB deploytool works, but deplytool.bat fails

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Stefan on 1 Feb 2016
Commented: Harsheel on 3 Feb 2016
I'm trying to create a standalone application using the MATLAB Compiler (R2014a). The compilation is part of a external build process which relies on the deploytool.bat file called from a Windows command line. This build process fails, because deploytool.bat does not work.
When using the internal deploytool
deploytool -package MyProject.prj
everything works fine.
Start packaging process
Package finished
When using
"Windows Command Line"> deploytool.bat -package MyProject
building is successful, but packaging fails without additional error information
Start packaging process
Package failed
The same error occurs inside MATLAB when using
!deploytool -package MyProject
results in
End validation of MEX files: <snip>
Warning: Adding path "D:\<snip>" to Compiler path instance.
Parsing file "D:\<snip>"
(Referenced from: "Compiler Command Line").
Generating file "D:\<snip>\for_testing\readme.txt".
Start packaging process
Package failed
Is there a way to fix this issue?
As an alternative
"Windows Command Line"> deploytool.bat -build MyProject
works, but does not embed the CTF file (separate .EXE and .CTF). Is there a way to manually embed the CTF file using the command line?

Answers (1)

Harsheel on 1 Feb 2016
This was a bug in R2014a release which was fixed in the next release R2014b. If you have MathWorks SMS (Software Maintenance Services), I believe you'll be able to upgrade your MATLAB version. You can find more info here
Harsheel on 3 Feb 2016
not that I know of, I also dont know if you can switch OFF the new graphics system in 14b. May be you can get in touch with MathWorks Technical Support at 508-647-7000 ?

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