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I was in Switzerland, using matlab answers on chromium-browser, and was trying desperately to get the usa mathworks site, since my German isn't that great. Cleverly, I set my default search engine to google NCR. That was dumb, since I wasn't in the us, but it's now impossible to recover from, but only for the mathworks site: when I put the us url in the search bar, it returns the german url . I've reinstalled the browser several times, but the problem persists. It doesn't happen with any other site. If I go incognito on chrome, i get to the us site. Or if I use firefox. Again, it doesn't happen on any of the other sites I was using in Switzerland, so it would seem to be an issue related to the mathworks url.

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Joachim Schlosser
Joachim Schlosser on 18 Apr 2016
  1. Go to (redirected for you to
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
  3. Click on "Deutschland".
  4. Click on the language you'd like the page to be displayed in.
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Suresh Doravari
Suresh Doravari on 23 Oct 2018
Thanks a lot!!! This problem has plagued me for ages. If this country selection had been visible at the top of the webpage instead of the bottom it would have saved me untold hours of frustration.

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