How can I use ODE45 output to evaluate on each time a function inside a the Odefun

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Juan Luis Chacon
Juan Luis Chacon on 16 May 2016
Answered: Bob on 27 Oct 2016
Hello to everybody
Actually I already have my Quarter vehicle model done using a second Order differential equation f(x, y, xdot, ydot). And it works very good. Let me show you this.
function yp=comportamiento(t,y)
yp = zeros(4,1);
yp(2)= (-((ks+kt)/mw)*y(1)) -((bs/mw)*y(2)) +((ks/mw)*y(3)) + ((bs/mw)*y(4)) + ((kt/mw)*x);
yp(4)= ((ks/mb)*y(1)) +((bs/mb)*y(2)) - ((ks/mb)*y(3)) - ((bs/mb)*y(4));
Applying my ode45 fun
[t, y] = ode45('comportamiento',tspan,y0);
Results are good. But now, problem is that I need to use a new function. One that looks like f(x, y, xdot, ydot, m(xdot,ydot)). During the calculation each xdot and ydot correspond to y(i1) and y(i2) generated from ODE45, I will need to call another function m(xdot,ydot) using as input every y(i). In others words I don't know how get those y(i) and how to use the to eval my f(x, y,xdot,ydot, m(xdot,ydot)).
I am sure I will need to open a new fun
function odefun=(y(i1),y(i2))
where do I have to indicate that
y(i1)= xdot;

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