Saving (in Matlab 2014b) .EPS not working

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Joseph Sollini
Joseph Sollini on 21 May 2016
Commented: Joseph Sollini on 12 Aug 2016
When I save a figure (using save as) as an .EPS file and then open in image processing program then the image I get is split into 4 and the 4 parts are like .jpg images where (for example) plotted lines cannot be selected, moved, deleted or edited! This is not a problem with Illustrator as when I open .EPS files from Matlab 2013b everything is normal (I can subselect elements of the plot for editing unlike a .jpg).

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 23 May 2016
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Joseph Sollini
Joseph Sollini on 12 Aug 2016
Sadly this doesn't work. See this issue:
Seems to be this is just a general matlab problem. I'm going to switch back to 2011 as not being able to create figures (the only thing I use matlab for) makes it pretty pointless to me. Hopefully one day you'll fix this bug :-(

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