Why are title and x/y lable not listed in Children property of axes?

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Hi there,
I tried
>> allchild(ax)
ans =
6x1 graphics array:
which is supporsed to list all, including hidden children of axes. However it turns that there were only 5 lines that I draw and a empty group.
>> ax.Children(1)
ans =
Group with properties:
Children: [0x0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
Visible: 'on'
HitTest: 'on'e
So could someone help to expain why title and x/y lables are gone? If you do
ans =
How come it is not a Children of axes while at same time its parent is axes?
And also why can't I get the handle of a title by using
ans =
0x0 empty GraphicsPlaceholder array.
when Title is obviously an object (primitive.Text)
Thanks so much for help!

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 1 Jun 2016
The title handle and the handles to the axes labels are stored in properties Title, XLabel, YLabel, and ZLabel in the axes rather than being Children of the axes. See the "Title and Axes Labels" section in the Axes Properties documentation for more information, including a Note that states they are not Children of the axes.
Albert Lu
Albert Lu on 2 Jun 2016
But I still don't understand why gco returns an empty graphic place holder on title and x/y label? Are they a little bit special compared with ordinary graphic objects?

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Jan Orwat
Jan Orwat on 1 Jun 2016
The answer is that those aren't axes children. Here is documentation page that mention it: Graphics Objects
Quote: Note: An axes is a single object that represents x-, y-, and z-axis scales, tick marks, tick labels, axis labels, and so on.
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Albert Lu
Albert Lu on 2 Jun 2016
Hi Jan, I understood what you said but that didn't quite answer my question. I've rephrase my question to make it clearer. Thank you!

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David on 11 Jul 2016
Related question, how about the title of a colorbar? I can access it with get(h,'title'), where h is the handle to a colorbar, but if I look at h's properties, there's no 'title' there. What's the deal?

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