Matlab crashes when saving fig

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John on 8 Jul 2016
Commented: Nicholas George on 15 Jun 2022
In many cases, when saving the figure, the matlab crashes. It happens several times a day. It wasn't the case before 2015 version. It's very frustrating!!!!
Can anyone help?
Russ Park
Russ Park on 24 Oct 2016
Thank you for the corroboration.
I read, from another similar case, that certain graphics hardware required some kind of driver initialization. If this is true I'm not sure how to confirm and remediate.

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Answers (3)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Oct 2016
The cure for R2014b and later, for the case where you do not need the file to be openable with MATLAB R2014a or earlier, is
tic; savefig(gcf, '/tmp/testfig.fig', 'compact'); toc;
This will save in a fraction of a second.
Russ Park
Russ Park on 24 Oct 2016
Fantastic. That worked as promised. Thank you Walter!

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John on 14 Nov 2016
Edited: John on 15 Nov 2016
That's not the issue.
When exam a figure (just plot or opened) and decide to save, then click on file->save or save as, the entire matlab crushes, very often. Many cases, the long time calculation just get lost along with the crush.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Nov 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 15 Nov 2016
What kind of object are you requesting to save as? .fig? jpg? Or do you not get far enough to be given a choice?
I just tested in R2016a on a Windows 8 system and had no problem saving to fig or jpg.
Unfortunately I do not have a Windows 7 license available so I cannot test in Windows 7.

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Chad on 28 Sep 2017
I ran into this thread and thought it was worth an update: I was struggling to understand why a figure I could see was not a figure I could save. I also was unable to file->saveas-> png, but I was able to save as a .fig. The issue was in the difference between PaperPosition and Position figure properties:
hf = figure;
printSize=[0 0 16 9];
hf.Position = paperSize;
hf.PaperPosition = printSize;
saveas(gcf, 'demo.fig')
saveas(gcf, 'demo.png')
hf = figure;
hf.PaperPosition = paperSize; %this is wrong
saveas(gcf, 'demo2.fig');
saveas(gcf, 'demo2.png'); %this line fails
If I accidentally put paperSize into PaperPosition, the function crashes. I imagine this is what a lot of the people on the thread are actually dealing with, but a large amount of data may also cause a crash.
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Nicholas George
Nicholas George on 15 Jun 2022
I have the problem of seeing blue screen on saving the plot as jpg. So I tried the saveas code in the program. Now the plot got saved. Thank you Chad

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