How to train an SVM classifier and calculate performance

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holistic on 1 Aug 2016
Answered: Samaneh Nemati on 2 Dec 2019
Hi all,
I was already browsing through some similar question, but I still don't understand completely how to train an SVM classifier with matlab and afterwards calculate performance measures like AUC, Accuracy asf.
I managed to use fitcsvm to train a classifier and using leave-one-out cross-validation:
This works well, but how to calculate performance measures of my classifier after this step and plot the results?

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Swarooph on 1 Aug 2016
You could do one of several things:
1. Resubstitution Loss calculation using resubLoss function
2. Loss calculation using loss function
Swarooph on 2 Aug 2016
If you look at the examples in the documentation, it seems to be using fitPosterior followed by resubPredict function.

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Samaneh Nemati
Samaneh Nemati on 2 Dec 2019
you need to pass the output of svm classification (model) to predict function to get "label" and "scores".

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