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hi , I've got code shows more than the result because of the Loop . The question now is how do I store the result in array ​​in order to call this values [a] again

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n=[4;5;6]; phi=[3;4;5]; s=[2;3;4]; o=3; for nn=1:o for ph=1:o for ss=1:o n(nn) phi(ph) s(ss) a=n(nn)+phi(ph)+s(ss) end end end

Accepted Answer

Moe_2015 on 9 Aug 2016
Do you just want all the values of "a" stored in a 1D array? If so you can do this:
n=[4;5;6]; phi=[3;4;5]; s=[2;3;4]; o=3;
index = 0;
for nn=1:o
for ph=1:o
for ss=1:o
index = index+1;

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