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How to use gca handles to change xtick properties

Asked by Alexander Greene on 11 Aug 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Pham Dang on 12 Aug 2016
I am using MATLAB 2016, and I still can't figure out or find helpful documentation for how to change gca's xtick object. When I run my code I see the results in the command window, but when I plot it I see no change in my graph. Here is my code..
x = [0:0.001:(2*pi)]; y = (sin(x)).^2; figure(1) plot(x,y,'r') xlim([0 (2*pi)]); ax = gca; ax.XTick = [0 pi 2*pi]
Am I missing anything?


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1 Answer

Answer by Pham Dang on 11 Aug 2016

Hi, you should use the set command to set your Xtick property.
set(gca,'Xtick',[0 pi 2*pi])


I tried that and got this error
Function 'subsindex' is not defined for values of class 'struct'.
Error in handlesPractice (line 6)
Is there anything else I may be missing?
Hi, the exact following code works for me :
x = [0:0.001:(2*pi)];
y = (sin(x)).^2;
xlim([0 (2*pi)]);
set(gca,'Xtick',[0 pi 2*pi])
(The subsindex function is not used in those lines. Are you calling it for a specific purpose ?)

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