How to clean MATLAB cache when MATLAB got corrupted

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I tried to run a model using Simulink Realtime and my computer suffered a hard crash Afterwards in every simulink model i make when i stream i signal and press icon to see it i get a MATLAB crash I think my MATLAB instalation got f&*&d. Is there any way to clean MATLAB cache or something without redownload the whole GB of data from internet ?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Sep 2016
You could try several of the rehash command options such as
rehash toolboxcache
but it would not surprise me if you ended up needing to reinstall.

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timo on 1 Sep 2016

timo on 1 Sep 2016
I am reinstalling all -_-''

timo on 1 Sep 2016
Ok I reinstall fixed it ...Strange


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