Time conversion in a table

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012786534 on 1 Sep 2016
Commented: 012786534 on 2 Sep 2016
Hi all, Let's say I have a table and one of my variable is a mix of numbers and NaNs, like so: [1010, NaN, 1256, NaN, 1345...]. Now, I want to convert the numbers into hours-minute format (HH:MM) and keep the same number of rows so the output looks like this : [10:10, NaN, 12:56, NaN, 13:45 ...]. Any ideas? Thanks again, you guys are great!

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 1 Sep 2016
a=[1010, NaN, 1256, NaN, 1345]
out=arrayfun(@(x) datestr(datenum(sprintf('%04d',x),'HHMM') ,'HH:MM') ,a,'un',0)
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012786534 on 2 Sep 2016
Huh. Pretty neat, Mr. Abdelmalek

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