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Khalid on 27 Sep 2016
Edited: Khalid on 13 Nov 2016
Hi guys,
I'm working in circuit breaker switching and I would like to ask if I want to create a function in simulink (ode23s) to call a data from workspace or if there is an easy way to take the measurement direct from block measurement: v(:,1), i(:,1), g, po, and a.
to make the calculation for the following formula: g=i./v; P=v.*i; PP=po.*g.^a; % note po & a are constant.
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Accepted Answer

INFOZOU on 4 Oct 2016
You can use the block "from workspace" from * * sources** in Simulink. For your case, you can use directly "reshape", "add", "product" and divide blocks from * *Math operation** in Simulink.
INFOZOU on 6 Oct 2016
Not at all, I hope that you find a solution and I help you. May be, you should add clock and save it to workspace. In addition, you do not obtain the same curve, may be, because the horizontal axis is not the same.

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