Jacobian of simulink model

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Joshua on 28 Feb 2012
Hello, I followed the documentation of the sldemo_metro model and tried it on a simple state-space block with a diagonal A matrix.
When running: J = Simulink.Solver.getSlvrJacobianPattern...
I get a full 2x2 Jacobian matrix! The same thing happens for an s-function, which I know is quite sparse (I wrote it myself).
Ideally, I want to define the Jacobian sparsity of my simulink model, not just access it from the solver.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, Josh

Answers (1)

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 6 Mar 2012
AFAIK, it is not possible to set the Jacobian matrix of a model - it is computed based on the blocks that it contains. Individual blocks can set this however. I believe with S-functions, you should be able to do this by defining mdlProjection or Projection.


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