How to "push" changes to a set of models ?

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Scott Ranville
Scott Ranville on 7 Oct 2016
Answered: Damien on 12 Oct 2016
We work in an organization with a number of models. Is there a programmatic way to push a change to the models when they are either opened or closed (which ever is easier) ? The change is modify the PostLoadFcn callback.
What we want to avoid doing is having a script (or manual) checkout the model, modify the model, and then re-check it in. Rather, we want a mechanism so that the next time someone opens the model, the desired changes are "pushed" to the model without the user necessarily even knowing that the change has occurred.
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Atsushi Ueno
Atsushi Ueno on 10 Oct 2016
How about using component-based modeling and modular design?

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Answers (1)

Damien on 12 Oct 2016
Have you create your own custom library, so you can save all your models inside. Then when you change a block in your library it will change all the blocks link to this one.

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