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I am not able to extract big int from MS sql database using the oledb driver from matlab

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I am not able to extract big int datatype from MS sql database using the oledb driver from matlab. The return type of big int datatype of ms sql is returned as string and not as an integer after the execution of the query.
I do not want to type cast the returned value or use the str2num func .
Request anyone to please help in this regard.

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Ankita Nargundkar
Ankita Nargundkar on 21 Oct 2016
To get the BIGINT data as INT64 into MATLAB you can retrieve the number as string and then use the attached MEX-file below to convert to INT64.
To retrieve the data as text you could consider changing the actual data format in your database or you could simply include a CAST in your query:
>> setdbprefs('DataReturnFormat','cellarray');
>> conn = database('myDatabase','myUser','myPassword');
>> res = exec(conn,'SELECT CAST(col1 AS VARCHAR) FROM myTable');
>> res = fetch(res);
>> data =;
>> longlong = atoi64(data(:,1))
longlong =
Compile it using:
>> mex atoi64.c
Before using it.
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denzil fernandes
denzil fernandes on 3 Nov 2016
Hello Ankita,
Here we are doing a datatype conversion after extracting the data from driver. Is it not possible to extract the data in int64 format itself without doing a data type conversion after extraction. Does matlab support int64 format using the oledb driver
Thanks & Regards, Denzil

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