How to create a standalone application of a script that calls "sim" function ?

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I have a script that calls teh "sim" function that executes a Simulink model, then there is a analyse of the results and some plots. I'd like to know how can I make this in a standalone executable that can be executed on a machine without Matlab installed.

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Marc Jakobi
Marc Jakobi on 25 Oct 2016
Edited: Marc Jakobi on 25 Oct 2016
To create a standalone from a Simulink model, you will need the Simulink Coder. I don't think you will be able to call Simulink via sim() in a standalone.
You cannot call a Simulink model that has been deployed using Simulink Coder by calling the sim() function from within another standalone deployed using deploytool. You will have to call the Simulink executable from the Matlab GUI using a MEX interface .

Petru-Daniel Morosan
Petru-Daniel Morosan on 25 Oct 2016
I have Matlab Coder and Simulink Coder. What I want to know is if it is possible to create a standalone executable of a Matlab script taht calls a Simulink model via sim().


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