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Knut on 4 Nov 2016
Edited: Jan on 4 Nov 2016
I have what seems like a common problem: a series of strings containing numeric data mixed with text. I want to extract those numbers into vectors or arrays. I have come up with the mock-up below, but it feels like a cludge. Is there a simple, readable one-liner that does the same?
str = {'bob22alice666buster2', 'donald42lisa00buddy9'};
pat = '\w*(\d{2})\w*(\d{2,3})\w*(\d{1})';
for idx = 1:2
tmp = regexp(str{idx}, pat, 'tokens');
male(idx) = str2double(tmp{1}(1));
female(idx) = str2double(tmp{1}(2));
doggie(idx) = str2double(tmp{1}(3));
I was hoping for something ala:
for ...
Mx3arr = str2num(regexp(str{idx}, pat, 'tokens')');

Answers (1)

Jan on 4 Nov 2016
Edited: Jan on 4 Nov 2016
str = {'bob22alice666buster2', 'donald42lisa00buddy9'};
pat = '\w*(\d{2})\w*(\d{2,3})\w*(\d{1})';
tmp = regexp(str, pat, 'tokens');
C1 = cat(1, tmp{:});
C2 = cat(1, C1{:});
M = str2double(C2);
I still prefer the dull string parsing without regexp:
S = sprintf('%s ', str{:});
S(isstrprop(S, 'alpha')) = ' ';
M = sscanf(S, '%d', [3, inf]);
Although it looks less smart, it works without clutter and much faster.


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