Inner matrix dimensions must agree

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b.m.n n
b.m.n n on 14 Nov 2016
Commented: Alexandra Harkai on 16 Nov 2016
Dear All Can anyone help me about this equation Qb=Qba*(1-(0.3251).^2)+4*(0.985)*(5.67*10.^-8)*(TS).^3*(TT); When i run it , I get this error Error using * Inner matrix dimensions must agree. where Qba [37*37 double] TS[37*1 double] TT [37*31 double] Thank All

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Jan on 14 Nov 2016
As you see, you want to multiply a [71x1] vector with a [37x31] matrix. This is mathematically not defined. What do you expect as output?
b.m.n n
b.m.n n on 16 Nov 2016
Thank you so much Jan Simon

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Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 14 Nov 2016
Here according to the operator precedence this happens:
(some_constant * (TS.^3)) * TT
which would require a matrix of 37x1 to be multiplied by a matrix of size 37x31, which is giving you the error.
It is possible the calculation is not formulated correctly in the first place.
Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 16 Nov 2016
It is not exactly clear what you are tying to achieve. Depending on what the vectors represent, the operation may not even make sense. Are you sure this is the computation you need?

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