Error using table (line 253)

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% Full vehicle parameters
R_AV = 0.3; % wheel radius (m),
M_AV = 1626; % Mass(kg)
L_AV = 3.0; % length(m)
Je_AV = 4.5; % M.O.I engine(kg m2)
Cd_AV = 0.29; % Drag efficient
Crr_AV = 0.01; % Rolling Resistance
AF_AV = 1.8; % Frontal areaof vehicle (m)
W_AV = 1.6; % Width of the vehicle (m)
% Analysis of 1:8 ratio scale factor of dimensionless Radius
% 1/8 = r/R;
r_sv = R_AV*1/8;
r25_sv = R_AV*1/25;
% Analysis of sv LENGTH
% 1/8 = l/L;
l_sv = L_AV*1/8;
l25_sv = L_AV*1/25;
pi_AV = R_AV/L_AV;
pi_SV = r_sv/l_sv;
pi_SV25 = r_sv/l_sv;
Radius = [R_AV; r_sv; r25_sv];
length = [L_AV; l_sv; l25_sv];
Mode = {'Actual Vehicle' 'scaled vehicle 1:8''scaled vehicle 1:25'};
Pi = [pi_AV;pi_SV;pi_SV25];
T = table(Mode,Radius,length,Pi)
i want to display the table with the content above. but i face a problem like,
Error using table (line 253) All variables must have the same number of rows.
Error in SV (line 37) T = table(Radius,length,Pi...

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 15 Nov 2016
I assume that Mode is supposed to be the name of the columns, in which case the proper syntax should be:
T = table(Radius, length, Pi, 'VariableNames', Mode)
Unfortunately, it's still not going to work for two reasons:
  • You missed a space in your Mode declaration and as a result it only has two elements, the 2nd one being the string scaled vehicle 1:8'scaled vehicle 1:25. To fix this:
Mode = {'Actual Vehicle' 'scaled vehicle 1:8' 'scaled vehicle 1:25'};
  • column names must be valid matlab variable names, which means no space or :. If you're happy with matlab replacing invalid characters, then:
T = table(Radius, length, Pi, 'VariableNames', matlab.lang.makeValidName(Mode))
You could set the table VariableDescriptions properties to the untouched Mode if you want: = Mode;
but it's not that useful, as matlab only displays that description with summary:

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Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 15 Nov 2016
Did you check how Mode looks like? It is a row array with 2 elements, which is not compatible with the 3-element column vectors in the table.
Mode = {'Actual Vehicle' 'scaled vehicle 1:8' 'scaled vehicle 1:25'}'
Notice the space between the last two elements, this will ensure . Mode is also transposed to be a column just like Radius, length, Pi.
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Guillaume on 15 Nov 2016
Or yes, maybe Mode is meant to be a column of a 3x4 table, in which case as Alexandra says transpose the (corrected) variable.
In that case it would be a good idea to give explicit names to the columns instead of the default Var1, Var2, ..., using the 'VariableNames' syntax I've shown.

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