How to access specific rows (or columns) of a file data without loading all data?

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I try to find a good way in accessing specific rows (or columns) in a large data file (either .csv, .mat, or .txt file) without loading the entire data (e.g., data are double). Using matfile allows me just to access blocks or equally spaced intervals and I cannot figure out how to do this with datastore. Would be great if anyone knows a solution. Thanks.

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Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 16 Nov 2016
If you're using a .mat file and 'rows (or columns)' refer to an array stored in that file, then the doc helps: load-parts-of-variables-from-mat-files
Matthias Chung
Matthias Chung on 18 Nov 2016
That would be a solution. However, it would access the file many times and for big files that is prohibitive.

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