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How can I build a shared dll that contains neural network functions?

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I built a shared dll with Matlab (2015a) application compiler app. The dll contains the function newgrnn. I complied and linked with other C routines. When I executed the executable, I got the following message.
I think matlab compiler doesn't seem to compiler neural network related functions.
Is there any way to implement the dll?
Younggy Shin
% ------------------ Error using feval Undefined function '' for input arguments of type 'struct'. Error in nnModuleInfo (line 11) Error in nnet7.net_input_fcn (line 6) Error in netsum (line 28) Error in network/subsasgn>getDefaultParam (line 2048) Error in network/subsasgn>newLayer (line 2298) Error in network/subsasgn>network_subsasgn (line 21) Error in network/subsasgn (line 13) Error in network>setnet (line 178) Error in network>new_network (line 168) Error in network (line 71) Error in newgrnn>create_network (line 109) Error in newgrnn (line 66) Error in TotalPrediction (line 86) % -------------------------------------

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 29 Dec 2016
you can't. See here. MATLAB Compiler supports pretrained Networks only. All training functions will get excluded during the compilation process.

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