Can I build a MEX file within VisualStudio?

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I would like to be able to develop a MEX file in VisualStudio.
From mex commands lines I'm missing the ability to have a vs project file, do the linkage have code completion for large framework like Qt, etc.
Looking at the a mex export dump there's only 2 functions:
  1. 0 0000100A mexFunction = @ILT+5(mexFunction)
  2. 1 00001005 mexfilerequiredapiversion = @ILT+0(mexfilerequiredapiversion)
I'm missing the mexfilerequiredapiversion function prototype.
Has anyone tried?

Accepted Answer

Sangeetha Jayaprakash
Sangeetha Jayaprakash on 16 Dec 2016
I assume that you would like to build a MEX file in Visual Studio IDE.
Refer this link for information on how to compile a MEX file in Visual Studio:
Bart McCoy
Bart McCoy on 28 Sep 2020
I second that.... link is dead.
If there is good help for this process, it would be great to see.
I'm using Visual Studio 2017, and when I create a new project in Visual Studio, I found a MEX function template. I'll try to summarize what I find out, but if someone knows something, that would be helpful.

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rsating on 23 Jul 2019


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