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Hungary algorithm

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Aldin on 11 Mar 2012
Answered: Christine Tobler on 2 May 2019
Is there in MATLAB function for Hungary algorithm Thanks

Answers (4)

Daniel Lyddy
Daniel Lyddy on 5 Feb 2016
If you have the Computer Vision Toolbox, then assignDetectionsToTracks runs the Munkres/Hungarian algorithm under the hood.

Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 2 May 2019
As of R2019a, there is a function matchpairs in core MATLAB (no toolboxes needed) that solves the same problem as the Hungarian algorithm.

Ondrej on 11 Mar 2012
Maybe this is what you are looking for:
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Aldin on 11 Mar 2012
Yes, The function is Hungarian, right?

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Nagaraju Subuddi
Nagaraju Subuddi on 22 Dec 2018
Is the matlab code for "Hungary algorithm" is romoved? Please suggest me, where i can get the code.

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