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What is the use of repmat in this code?

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Shipra  Batra
Shipra Batra on 7 Jan 2017
Edited: Stalin Samuel on 7 Jan 2017
Hello, I was going through this code in Matlab Help regarding constructing a Bspline :-
t = [0.1 0.4 0.5 0.8 0.9];
a = 1;
tmp = repmat(t,3,1);
ty = repmat(.1*[1;-1;NaN],1,5);
hold on
text(.65,.5,'B( \cdot | .1, .4, .5, .8, .9)','FontSize',12)
text(.05,1.,'s(x) = \Sigma_j B( x | t_j , \ldots, t_{j+k} ) a(:,j)', ... 'FontSize',16,'Color','r')
axis([0 1 -.2 1.2])
title('A B-spline of Order 4')
hold off
I want to ask why "repmat" function is used in the code when "spmak" should inculcate the iterative measure of calculating the Bspline. Which is function should be used for constructing Bspline like spmak,spapi,bspline etc?

Answers (1)

Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 7 Jan 2017
Shipra  Batra
Shipra Batra on 7 Jan 2017
Hi, Thanks for the early response. But, I want to know what is the significance of using this function in plotting Bspline curve?

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