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Philipp Mueller
Philipp Mueller on 10 Jan 2017
Commented: Philipp Mueller on 10 Jan 2017
I want to read from my input (test_input.txt - File) some specific data. I need this data for calculations and settings. Everything works except the input variable wsectionstart from my test_input.txt Because i have more than one value after = .... In my whole code i get the output message wsectionstart = NaN -> My question is how can i read this variable without any error messages. So i can read every single value from wsectionstart like wsectionstart(1) or wsectionstart(2). How should i modify my code? The following code is just a small reduced part from my whole code ->
diagramoptions = [];
wholecontent = fileread('test.txt')
sections = regexp(wholecontent, '\*+([^*]+)\*+([^*]+)', 'tokens')
for section = sections
case 'Diagram Options'
keyvalues = regexp(section{1}{2}, '([^\n\r=]+)=([^\n\r=]+)', 'tokens'),%\n -> new line; \r carriage return
diagramoptions = cell2table(vertcat(keyvalues{:}), 'VariableNames', {'Key', 'Value'});
warning('Unknown section: %s', section{1}{1}),
linewidth=str2double(diagramoptions.Value(strcmp(diagramoptions.Key, 'linewidth')));%works
xlabel=diagramoptions.Value(strcmp(diagramoptions.Key, 'xlabel'));%works
wsectionstart=str2double(diagramoptions.Value(strcmp(diagramoptions.Key, 'wsectionstart')));%does not work because i have an array of values

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 10 Jan 2017
wsectionstart = str2double(diagramoptions.Value(strcmp(diagramoptions.Key, 'wsectionstart')));
should solve the problem?
Philipp Mueller
Philipp Mueller on 10 Jan 2017
It works well. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! I can just say thank you ...

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