finding and changing values in matrix that satisfies 2 conditions

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Hi there, I am new in matlab and try to solve this problem for couple of hours, I have vector which contains various triggers and a lot of zeros:
what I need to do is to find the second value in matrix A which is bigger than 0 and change it to 100. In this case it is the 12th number, value "1", let's say it is target_1. Then I need to change every second number bigger then 0 and change it to 100, but we have to start counting from target_1.
So the final matrix will be like this:
Thank you very much ahead for your time and help.

Accepted Answer

Adam on 8 Feb 2017
Edited: Adam on 8 Feb 2017
idx = find( A > 0 );
idx = idx(2:2:end);
B = A
B(idx) = 100;

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Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 8 Feb 2017
Edited: Alexandra Harkai on 8 Feb 2017
idx = find(A); % find indices of nonzero elements in A
B = A; % initially set B to be same as A
B(idx(2:2:end)) = 100;

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