how to add multiple y-axis point on my plot?

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so what i want to do is generate a lot that has two y-axis data the following is my code and I want to add y' on the graph. I have already entered the data, but i'm having trouble having it displayed.
%AE 341 Plot for flat plate and expereiemntal
%mass flow rate x = [.433; .8679; 1.1068; 1.3852; 1.7846; 2.1664; 2.3853; 2.8252;];
%forceexperimental y = [.3924; .7846; 1.1768; 1.5691; 1.9614; 2.3537; 2.7460; 3.1382;];
y' = [.433; .8679; 1.1068;1.3852;1.7846; 2.1664; 2.3853; 2.8252;];
plot(x(1:end - 1) ,y(1:end - 1),'o'); hold on
plot(x(end),y(end), '-o')
xlim([x(1) x(end)+x(1)]), ylim([y(1) y(end)+y(1)])
grid on
xlabel('Mass Flow Rate')
ylabel('Experiemental Force')
title('Jet Momentum Force vs. Linear Momentum on Flat Plate')

Answers (1)

John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 8 Feb 2017
To have two different y-axis (on left and right sides), you can use one of two functions depending on which MATLAB release you're running.
With newer versions of MATLAB, you can use:
yyaxis right
% plot and do whatever you want on the right side
yyaxis left
% plot and do whatever you want on the left side
If you are running an older release, you will need to use:
which is an older, not-recommended version of yyaxis.
For more information, see the documentation for yyaxis and plotyy.
Hope this helps!


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