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Simon Mürwald
Simon Mürwald on 16 Feb 2017
Commented: Steve Miller on 31 Jan 2018
I want to optimize the runtime of my Simulink/SimScape model. I have a GUI to set parameters for the Simulation and then start the from the GUI. When starting the Simulation for the first time the Simulation Process takes nearly 20 seconds, but if the Simulation has been started before the process just takes 5 to 10 seconds.
That means if I can load the Simulink model while the GUI is running, it could save half the time for the Simulation.
Is there a way to preload a Simulink model, without slowing down the GUI?
Thanks in advance.
Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 31 Jan 2018
The first time you load a model, it will always take extra time. Subsequent runs do not take as long for the model is stored in memory. I am not exactly sure what your situation is, but I would certainly look into Fast Restart. If all your UI is doing is changing parameter values, it will probably speed things up even further if you can use it. For the Simscape part of your model, make sure you are using run-time parameters. --Steve

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