How do I export variables and equations in latex form?

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Hi all,
I am currently trying to export step by step solutions from my code to be used in nicely formatted lecture notes. From reading around I found that I can export a result from the code using the "latex" command. For example, for the matrix K:
K = [3956.04395604396 -2142.85714285714; -2142.85714285714 7170.32967032967]
I can use
and it gives me code for a nicely formatted matrix which can easily be copied into a tex file.
However, I was to take it a step farther and write unsolved equations in a format similar to this picture.
Again using values calculated using the code.
Could anyone point me in the right direction?
Many thanks!

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Answers (1)

fhz on 10 Feb 2020
Hi Mark Hard.
I've had the same issues you have, then I wrote some code to facilitate the process.
I may indicate for you my Matlab to LaTeX Library and also my File Manipulation Library.
The first has some functions to write LaTeX code from some objects in matlab. The second has funcions to write files from strings in Matlab. So, Matlab to Latex creates strings as you need and File Manipulation creates the files to be used in LaTeX.
Any suggestions are appreciated.


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