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How can I make the labels of components in appdesigner use the latex interpreter?

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Is there a way to make the label of a numeric box in a GUI generated by appdesigner to use latex as an interpreter? Currently, if I want to say label the numeric text box it displays e.g. y_2(0). How can I make it display $y_2(0)$ i.e. in latex mode, please?
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Accepted Answer

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 8 Mar 2017
This is a limitation of App Designer. There is currently no way of setting a latex interpreter for text boxes.
As somewhat of a workaround, you could simply generate the formatted text elsewhere and copy and paste it into the label field. Try it with this: y₂(0)
You can also use the "char" command to create special characters. This will create the same string:
['y' char(8322) '(0)']

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Rick Butler
Rick Butler on 21 Jul 2019
Edited: Rick Butler on 21 Jul 2019
As a workaround I sometimes use a figure instead with the following properties:
  • No labels, title, ticks or ticklabels
  • YLim = [0,1], XLim depends on the width of your 'label'
  • XColor, YColor and the color of the box set to 'none'
  • DataAspectRatio = [1,1,1]
Now you can use
text(figure_handle, 0.2, 0.5, '$L\alpha TeX t\epsilon xt$', 'Interpreter', 'latex', more options..)
Copy-pasting from another source is probably less tedious but this solution allows you to change your label text dynamically.
Fingers crossed for label interpreters in 2019b!

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Ron Fredericks
Ron Fredericks on 24 Mar 2020
Rick's answer worked well for me using R2019b!
Code Snippet:
% Initialize LateX equation
csign = ['+' '-']; % manage sign of c value in LateX equation
csign_idx = 1;
if c>=0
csign_idx = 2;
title(app.UIAxes, ...
['$$ f_ (x) = \frac{\mathrm{' num2str(round(a,2)) ...
'} }{\mathrm{1} + e^{-' num2str(round(b,2)) ...
'(x' csign(csign_idx) num2str(round(abs(c),2)) ...
')} } $$'],"Interpreter","latex")
Result shown in upper right hand of my GUI:

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