I am new in MATLAB. Please suggest me the procedure for how to pass the dataset files to the TreeBagger classifier.

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I have one dataset which contains number of folders and each folder contains number of files and also I have a treebagger classifier. I want to pass those files to that classifier. how can I use those files in that classifier. Is there any need to write the code to pass those files to that classifier. Please explain how to use treebagger classifier.

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kowshik Thopalli
kowshik Thopalli on 5 Mar 2017
Edited: kowshik Thopalli on 5 Mar 2017
Below is the Matlab documentation. Go through this. It is well written. https://www.mathworks.com/help/stats/treebagger.html
Hope this helps
priyanka gaikwad
priyanka gaikwad on 6 Mar 2017
I am steel confuse about how to pass the datset to the treebagger classifier. when I am try to running the sample subset of dataset the result of the files is- nodeCutVar: 0 nodeCutValue: 0 childnode: 0 nodelabel: 99
how I can predict on this. please anyone help me. how to pass the input files to the classifier.

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