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Build a Volume Mesh from 3D Points

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C00k13m3n on 7 Mar 2017
Edited: Prasad Mendu on 16 Mar 2017
Hello Guys,
it's my first time that I ask something here, but I'm quite stuck. I got a Basin and got measurements (3D) Points in the Basin. They define contours. My task now is it to build a Basin and fill it up with computeable cubes, to calculate the attraction of each cube.
I already tried with Bezier, and with meshes. But I did not hit the mark. My question now is how do I create a mesh in my Countours?
Best regards
C00k13m3n on 7 Mar 2017
This is what I got. I want to fill it, that i can compute litte Cubes into the Basin and calculate their attraction to my instrument.

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