How does time-variyng radiation is interpreted by a Solar Cell in Simulink? How can I obtain the power produced?

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Hello everybody,
I'm interested in obtaining the annual power production of a single solar cell. For that I have done the input of a timeseries in Simulink where the first column is the annual hours (01-12-2017 12:00:00, for example) and the second is the correspondent radiation in Wh/m2).
How do I obtain the power produced for the complete input time?
Thank you so much, Sofia

Accepted Answer

Nakul on 30 May 2017
You can write a program for that, with irradiance as input and maximum power from the cell as output. So for each time you can calculate the maximum power the cell can generate. You can calculate the total energy the cell can produce in a year from this.
Sofia Carvalho
Sofia Carvalho on 30 May 2017
I need to simulate using simulink because I'm doing a simulation of a bifacial panel, so actually I have 120 values of irradiation.
Yasmine Gaaloul
Yasmine Gaaloul on 19 May 2022
Edited: Yasmine Gaaloul on 19 May 2022
Hello how did you do the simulation of Bifacial solar panel, can you help me please I need it for my research master and thank you in advance.and this is my email

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Muhammad Zulfqar
Muhammad Zulfqar on 20 Jul 2017
hi every one any one help me about how to serially data in in simulink model in matlab plz if any one now about mail me

Kryfs India
Kryfs India on 24 Dec 2020
Edited: Kryfs India on 24 Dec 2020
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