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Getting a problem when adding a rigid transform block to a simmechanics model imported from solidworks

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I have created a model for a double wishbone suspension system in Solidworks and imported it into simmechanics using simmechanics link, when I simulate the base model that I imported in it simulates exactly how it is meant to. However when I attempt to add a rigid transform block, which I am using to model the tyre contact point, I get an error stating that the target or motion inputs are specified for every joint and that the targets for spherical joints are ignored. And another error stating that there is a position violation. These errors cause the model in the mechanics explorer to break as well
Any help would be appreciated Thank You

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Christoph Hahn
Christoph Hahn on 14 Mar 2017
Hi Jake,
could you do us a favor and upload the models before and after the error occurs. I have a suspicion but don't want to start answering without having verified it.
Cheers Christoph

Christoph Hahn
Christoph Hahn on 15 Mar 2017
Hi Jake,
the model you attached just runs fine. Please provide us with the model that shows the error message.
In general, contact modeling is not trivial in Simscape Multibody. Let me share some general tips and tricks:
  • Find here a link (then go to Part 11) to models of the Simscape Multibody online training. This shows a simple way to model tire road contact.
  • Another option may be to look in the contact forces library that provides a lot more sophisticated options.
  • You may also want to look into more elaborate tire models: example.
I hope that is helpful. The links I have posted don't mean I won't look at your very own model anymore, consider it as an outlook what you may want to do in future. As said, provide us with the model that throws the error and I am happy to have a look.
Cheers Christoph
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jake humphrey
jake humphrey on 15 Mar 2017
Edited: jake humphrey on 15 Mar 2017
Hi Christoph, I have uploaded another file with this comment, with the model that produces the error, everything appears to be correct so have no idea why I am getting both errors, Thank You

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Christoph Hahn
Christoph Hahn on 17 Mar 2017
Can you please inlcude the datafile to your model. This is very important. Thanks!


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