Calling Excel files for mac in Matlab R2015b.

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I tried calling data from excel to matlab using xlsread('file name','sheet','range'); but i get an error saying
XLSREAD unable to open file 'file name'.
File 'file location' not found.
I am aware that MAC does not have the COM interface to let Matlab talk to Excel but I have tried changing the file extensions to .xls and .csv but it did not help.How do I overcome this problem?
I am using a MAC with OS Sierra 10.12 and using Matlab R2015b
Thank you in advance

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Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 20 Mar 2017
The error points out that it is unable to find the excel file. Make sure that the file you are reading (in this case 'file name') is in current working directory or provide the full file path (double check that the path is not absolute and you are using correct case for your file name). If you are getting the same error for CSV files, it most likely is not the issue with xlsread but with the file itself.
Also, I recommend looking through the following discussion to troubleshoot the issue:
If you continue to face this issue, contact the MathWorks' Technical Support with your excel file:


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