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codegen - unsupported matlab function call

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RuiQi on 29 Mar 2017
Commented: RuiQi on 29 Mar 2017
I am trying to have a C++ lib for the watershed function. I have read the instructions at
Usage notes and limitations:
bwconncomp only supports 2-D inputs.
The conn arguments must be a compile-time constant and the only connectivities supported are 4 or 8. You can also specify connectivity as a 3-by-3 matrix, but it can only be [0 1 0;1 1 1;0 1 0] or ones(3)
The PixelIdxList field in the CC struct return value is not supported.
Codegen now tells me that I have an unsupported matlab function call which is bwconncomp. I am not sure how to resolve this. My code is below.
function L = watershed(A) %#codegen
conn = [0 1 0;1 1 1;0 1 0];
cc = bwconncomp(imregionalmin(A, conn), conn);
L = watershed_meyer(A,conn,cc);
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RuiQi on 29 Mar 2017
Okay I realized that watershed is only available for codegen for Matlab version R2015a onwards. I am using R2014b.

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