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DICOM and Machine Learning

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Hi, I have a set of images of .dcm format (MRI). I would like to use some machine learning technique for data training and classification. Before I created classifier with .jpg, .png and ect image formats. Does Matlab has an option to create a classifier using .dcm images directly without conversion to other formats? Thank you,


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Carl on 3 Apr 2017
Hi Nitsa, that depends on how you are working with the DICOM data. If you want to train with the image data directly from files, this usually requires you to construct an ImageDataStore. For this, you would need to convert the DCM files to another format, like JPG. You can use the 'dicomread' function to read in the image from a DCM file, and then save it afterwards as another format.
However, if you are using the DICOM info and image in some other way, you can get that information with the 'dicominfo' and 'dicomread' functions, and structure your classifier however you like.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Apr 2017
I recommend PNG or TIFF, never JPEG for analysis work. JPEG is lossy which makes analysis difficult.

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