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Process Data obtained from Staggered PRF

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Muhammad on 31 Mar 2017
Commented: debojit sharma on 14 May 2021
a. As shown in the Example Ground Clutter Mitigation with Moving Target Indication (MTI) Radar, when pulse is generated using
command, different number of samples are generated for each prf. However, to process data from both prfs, some of the samples in larger data set are neglected by using:
pulses(:,m) = rsig(1:length(fast_time_grid));
How the data from both prfs can be processed simultaneously without neglecting data from larger array?
b. How PRF staggering in Matlab can be employed to increase the maximum detectable velocity using Range-Doppler Response?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 3 Apr 2017
I'm not sure what you mean by simultaneously processing the data from two different PRFs, but what the example does is to process the data that corresponds to the same range, with the assumption that no matter which PRF is used, the clutter does not change from pulse to pulse.
This approach does not work with range Doppler response because the processing in range Doppler response requires a fixed PRF so the Doppler can be extracted. In that case you actually want to get the Doppler information. On the other hand, staggered PRF is often related to MTI, where it only intends to know whether there are targets in motion. The value of Doppler for those moving targets are not sought.
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debojit sharma
debojit sharma on 14 May 2021
How can we generate different PRI modulation scheme (jitter, staggered, Dwell and switch etc) of radar signal in matlab?

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