Why is my code identifies only few peaks?

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Hello there,
I have a code that generates graph of two column vectors by plotting the peak values. The code works well except for a case where if i add mean to center my axis,it is plotting only first one or 2 peaks for the files. However, if i take off the the code in brackets which is to find mean ( a1 = XDATA - mean (XDATA); plot(TIMESTEPS, a1); ) the code works well identifying all the peaks. Can anyone help me out with this?
files = dir('C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\*.xlsx');
fNames = {'90','110','150'};
%for each file
for k= 1: length(fNames)
% extract file names
fName = ['C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\', fNames{k}];
[XDATA, TIMESTEPS] = importfile(fName);
a1 = XDATA - mean (XDATA);
plot(TIMESTEPS, a1);
[peakvals,peaklocs] = findpeaks(a1, 'minpeakdistance',50, 'minpeakheight', 0.00001);
peaktime = TIMESTEPS(peaklocs);
createfigure4(TIMESTEPS, a1, peaktime, peakvals)
Looking for a quick answer
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 2 May 2017
you probably should also subtract the mean from the value you passed to 'minpeakheight' if you want it to track the data.
Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 11 May 2017
Probably best to ask a separate question for that (include what you tried and what's not working well). I've used xlsread and xlswrite but I'm not trying to write streamed output like you are.

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