converting .mat to .dat file

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hardik on 27 Mar 2012
Answered: clubsher on 8 Jan 2019
Hi everyone....i have recorded some data of some partial discharge in the .mat format. the data contains x and y variables and displays the graph.
i want to convert this information into .dat so that i can use my linux software and sample the data collected.
can someone tell me how to convert this to .dat format.
cheers hardik

Accepted Answer

Sarah Wait Zaranek
Sarah Wait Zaranek on 27 Mar 2012
This should do it. Note: I made a sample mat-file with x,y,a as my variables.
load test.mat
dlmwrite('test.dat',[x y a])
This will write a ASCII format file using the default delimiter (,). You can use another delimiter if you wish.
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hardik on 12 Apr 2012
thank you very much for that....and how do i save this .dat file to a new location so that i can load it to the linux?
sorry for late response :P
for example can u specify me few lines for saving to a new place.

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clubsher on 8 Jan 2019
hi,i am very interested in you research. can you share your data with me . i need some help . thank you

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