How to plot a single collection of points

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I have only been using Matlab for a month or so, so I don't really know much. I have a single collection of points where I am storing the x and y coordinates as pairs.
The points: X = {[1; 1], [1; 4], [4; 4], [4; 1]};
All I want to know is how I plot this, it seems simple, but I haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 18 Apr 2017
You need to separate the x and y coordinates. Here is one solution:
data = [X{:}];
xdata = data(1,:); ydata = data(2,:)
axis([0.9 4.1 0.9 4.1])
I have modified the axes because otherwise you can't see the lines for the axes.

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