How can we plot a function with domain involving infinity

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How can we plot a function with the domain involving infinity? Suppose I want to plot the following function:
f(y)=(2*pi*y)^(-1/2)*exp(-y/2); y>0
How can I do this in MATLAB?

Accepted Answer

Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 19 Apr 2017
Of course, you can't plot the whole thing, but you can plot enough so that it's obvious where the curve is going. One approach is to let MATLAB choose the domain for you:
f = @(y) (2*pi*y).^(-1/2).*exp(-y/2);

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Jayesh Shimpi
Jayesh Shimpi on 5 Oct 2019
Infinity symbol used in Matlab for limit to plot the graph


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