the source code of the library componenta

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NCEPU on 28 Mar 2012
Commented: Steven Lord on 6 Mar 2017
I wonder how to see the source code of the library components in Simulink, the reason for which is to define a new component which is similiar to a library component in the desparate need of our acadamic research.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Mar 2012
If "look under the mask" does not work, then the method is to get a job or internship with MathWorks.
(I am not being sarcastic: job/internship is MathWorks' standard response about access to its proprietary source code.)

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Syed M MD Zaid
Syed M MD Zaid on 6 Mar 2017
Maybe you can generate C/RTL for the block using coders available and get the logic from there

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