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How can I fix my error with the passing a function to another fuction?

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Im working on a function that that takes 2 points a and b and a function f and out puts a varible and it wont send the value back.
f = @(x) exp^(x);
a = 1;
b = 2;
v = GaussQuadrature(f,a,b)
function value = GaussQuadrature(f,a,b)
ba = (b-a)/2;
ab = (a+b)/2;
value = ab*(f(ba*(-1/(sqrt(3)))+ab)+f(ba*(1/(sqrt(3)))+ab));
Then it is return these errors
Error in @(x)exp^(x)
Error in GaussQuadrature (line 4)
value = ab*(f(ba*(-1/(sqrt(3)))+ab)+f(ba*(1/(sqrt(3)))+ab));
Error in Hw10Q3 (line 4)
v = GaussQuadrature(f,a,b)

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 26 Apr 2017
The first line should be
f = @(x) exp(x);


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