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How to find occurrences of a vector of strings in a cell string.

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I have a cell string, named Channels, that lists 69 distinct EEG channels, A1, A2, ...
To find an occurrence of a particular channel, e.g. B8, I use something like
which returns the correct index value of 25.
Now suppose I have a vector of a few of the channels, e.g. X=['A1','A2','B8'] and I want to find which indices in the cell string Channels correspond to those in X. In other words is there an elegant way to return the index values 1, 2, and 25?

Accepted Answer

xi on 1 May 2017
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Stephen23 on 1 May 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 1 May 2017
You can construct these arrays in a much simpler way than that:
cs = {'A1','A2','A3','B1','B8'};
X = {'A1','B8'};

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