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Simulink digital input to decimal from HX711

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Hi, I have a Simulink Real Time setup with a MCCDAQ PCIM-DAS1602/16 data acquisition card, a S-type load cell and a HX711 load cell amplifier/ADC which outputs a serial binary number from a data pin, as it really is made for an Arduino. I understand that Simulink has the ability to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers, but I can't really figure out which block does this and how it is supposed to work with Simulink Real Time.
I want to connect the data pin to one of the digital input pins on the DAQ, convert the 32 character long serial string of 0s or 1s to decimal in Real Time. Hope I have explained myself well enough.
Help is greatly appreciated :)
Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar on 10 May 2017
Please refer the following link:
Jiang Ping
Jiang Ping on 14 Jan 2019
hi have you figured this out? I am also having trouble processing signal from HX711 in simulink.

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Answers (1)

Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 24 Jul 2017
If the data follows a certain format, like the binary representation for a floating point number, then you probably want to use the byte pack/unpack blocks that are available with Simulink Real-Time.

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