TMS320F28027: Simulink SCI transmit variable size data

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I have developed a simple code which transmists two bytes via SCI every second (12,34,12,34, etc.). It works properly (see 1.jpg with its generated code).
However a problem appears when the arrays to be sent have different lengths (see 2.jpg). According to Simulink, " the block supports variable-size signals but needs to be configured for them".
I checked the Support variable-size array box in the Model Explorer window. I also checked the Simulation/Configuration parameters/Code generation/Interface/variable-size signals.
However, it has not been fixed yet.
Any advice will be welcome.
Thank you in advanced.

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Bartosz Soltowski
Bartosz Soltowski on 22 Mar 2019
I have the same problem.
Have you figured out how to solve it?

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