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Hi, I am using Matlab on a library computer at my Uni where they have version R2016a. Whenever I am trying to read in my excel workbook for a path using xlsread I receive an error message saying
ErrorMessage =
Columns 1 through 2
'This package uses the Matlab command xlsread to read from Excel files.' 'This command appeared for the first time in Matlab 6. Your version of Matlab is older than version 6.'
Column 3
'You must modify the file DSGEReadExcel.m or BVARReadExcel.m to read in data etc in some other way. Or upgrade Matlab ...'
This is strange since it is version 9.0 ie R2016a
Could anyone please help?

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Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 13 Jun 2017
I reckon you have installed some third party packages which are shadowing the "xlsread" function. Execute the following command to see if the function is shadowed:
which -all xlsread
The output should look like:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017a\toolbox\matlab\iofun\xlsread.m
If you have different output, you would need to rename the shadowed function. Alternatively, you can restore the MATLAB path using:
rehash toolboxcache
This will remove all the third party toolboxes and support packages. If you would like to save this default configuration, use:
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Axel Sellert
Axel Sellert on 13 Jun 2017
Thanks for your answer. It is indeed a third party package, it had a strange built in function asking if it was version 6 or 7 of Matlab. Since I ran neither of those it gave me that error message. It's been resolved now though through just modifying that part of the code.

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