I have a problem of the function findpeaks R2015b : it does not detect the flat peaks like in the version of R2013b

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I used the same program in both versions of Matlab R2015b and R2013a. In the version R2013a, I use the function 'findpeaks' and it does detect all the peaks (even the flat peaks), however the same code implemented in the version R2015b of Matlab does not detect the flat peaks. I don't understand if it is related to the options of the function 'findpeaks' or there is an extension to add to one of the versions.
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Adam on 6 Jun 2017
Edited: Adam on 6 Jun 2017
The only change I can see that affects findpeaks is in R2014b:
'The function findpeaks now lets you estimate the width of any peak and limit the results of peak searches by width or prominence. When called with no output arguments, the function plots the signal and annotates the value, width, and prominence of every peak.'
This may account for what you are seeing if the new peak width maths causes different default behaviour.

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Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 27 Jul 2017
Hi Salma,
Hopefully its not too late to ask you, but if perhaps you can post your data or contact technical support we can take a look.

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