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Switch university emails?

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Ren Voie
Ren Voie on 8 Jun 2017
Answered: Arnav Mendiratta on 13 Jun 2017
I am transferring between universities and do not want to lose access to my Matlab student licence. If I change the email associated with my account to a different university's email will I keep access to my license or do I need to keep the email account associated with my previous university?
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 8 Jun 2017
This is a question for customer service. Answers is not that. In fact, we cannot give you a truly valid answer, unless someone from MathWorks sees your question.

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Answers (1)

Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 13 Jun 2017
Academic licenses are offered to the university and not to individual users. If you change your email address associated with the MathWorks account at time of installation, you will not have access to these licenses. Again, this depends on how your university offers access to MathWorks' software. Most institutions do not allow access to their Software Center without a Student email.


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